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Is Homemade Granola Cheaper Than Buying At A Store?

There are tons of choices of granola at the store so why spend the effort making your own?

I’ve shared my process for making homemade granola, but here I wanted to research whether or not it’s cost-effective. Here are the ingredients from the recipe I posted:

  • -2 cups steel-cut oats
  • -1 tablespoon olive oil
  • -1/2 cup chopped nuts
  • -1/2 cup dried fruit
  • -1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • -1 tablespoon syrup
  • -Pinch of salt

Here’s a price list using Aldi or Meijer store brand prices. The syrup price is from the fake, high-fructose corn syrup varieties. Canadians say that this is the sort of syrup you get from tapping telephone poles so I advise against it!

Homemade Granola Ingredient Price List

So a grand total of $0.14/oz from the yield of this recipe (I left out the negligible cost of salt). Is that cheaper than store-bought granola?

Yep. By a long shot.

In fact, it’s less than half of some of the name-brand granola. Here are some comparisons:

  • Bear Naked–$0.37/oz
  • General Mills Protein Granola–$0.38/oz
  • Store Brand Granola Bars–$0.28/oz
  • Various Cereals–$0.20-$0.32/oz

It’s your choice in the end. It’s $1.12 for a cup of delicious, homemade stuff or almost $3 for the top-quality granola at the store.