Is Homemade Granola Cheaper Than Buying At A Store?

There are tons of choices of granola at the store so why spend the effort making your own?

I’ve shared my process for making homemade granola, but here I wanted to research whether or not it’s cost-effective. Here are the ingredients from the recipe I posted:

  • -2 cups steel-cut oats
  • -1 tablespoon olive oil
  • -1/2 cup chopped nuts
  • -1/2 cup dried fruit
  • -1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • -1 tablespoon syrup
  • -Pinch of salt

Here’s a price list using Aldi or Meijer store brand prices. The syrup price is from the fake, high-fructose corn syrup varieties. Canadians say that this is the sort of syrup you get from tapping telephone poles so I advise against it!

Homemade Granola Ingredient Price List

So a grand total of $0.14/oz from the yield of this recipe (I left out the negligible cost of salt). Is that cheaper than store-bought granola?

Yep. By a long shot.

In fact, it’s less than half of some of the name-brand granola. Here are some comparisons:

  • Bear Naked–$0.37/oz
  • General Mills Protein Granola–$0.38/oz
  • Store Brand Granola Bars–$0.28/oz
  • Various Cereals–$0.20-$0.32/oz

It’s your choice in the end. It’s $1.12 for a cup of delicious, homemade stuff or almost $3 for the top-quality granola at the store.

2 thoughts on “Is Homemade Granola Cheaper Than Buying At A Store?”

  1. Hi Pure Michigan Homestead. A few questions about your granola. Are you using steel cut or rolled oats? They look like rolled oats in the picture. And also is it maple syrup? Thanks!

    1. Hey Sherpa Kate, thanks for hiking in!

      I totally made a mistake here…these are rolled oats! I thought for sure they were steel-cut since that what we always seem to buy, but rolled this time. I’ve been told steel-cut is the way to go though. I guess I’ll compare it next time I make a batch!

      Yes, maple syrup for that ingredient. Preferably NOT the fake stuff. It’s still a ton cheaper even if you use something fancy you pick up at a farmer’s stand or market!

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