This Week’s (belated) Homestead Menu

Well it’s 2 or 3 days late, but here’s our dinners from last week.


I honestly have no idea. There isn’t a picture logged and I can’t remember! Maybe Mrs. Homesteader can help me out when she sees this post


Sloppy Joe’s with a side salad (homegrown veggies in there) and raspberries. Raspberries are store-bought for now, but we have some transplanted bushes that we’re hoping will take off next year.


Mrs. Homesteader cooked up a recipe from her childhood. It’s pork chops with tater tots on top and a thick, creamy sauce holding it all together. I thought it would be kind of runny, but the tots were nice and crispy!


Spaghetti night! Mrs. Homesteader did some homemade meatballs and we mixed in some more of our homemade sauce. One of our friends offered to teach us how to make noodles so stay tuned for that one of these days.


I had to take off for a bachelor party so the rest of the Homesteader family opted for a pizza (it’s not delivery…). I added some of our tomatoes and peppers.


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