This Week’s Homestead Menu–Only 3 meals pictured this time


Mrs. Homesteader made some deeeeelicious lasagna-like shells with cheese! We used tomato sauce we had put together from our garden. The Boy ate with abandon while The Girl, unfortunately, was not impressed and wouldn’t eat it. She received a PB & J with a look of disapproval.


We enjoyed a smorgasbord (I looked up the spelling) consisting of leftovers. General Tso’s Chicken, buttered shells with Parmesan, pizza…it was an odd meal.


I had to go straight from work to a meeting so I grabbed some fast food. The rest of the Homesteader Family had a homemade spinach pesto with noodles of some kind.


Chicken Gyro’s! Mrs. Homesteader has been trying to help use up some of the abundant cucumber harvest and a homemade tzatziki sauce was part of the solution. We also got to use some of our homemade yogurt for that sauce.


We took a trip to the zoo and had pizza for dinner with some Homesteader relatives. No picture of the pizza, but here we are at the zoo:

Our zoo let’s you feed the giraffes! The Boy and The Girl loved it!


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