This Week’s Homestead Menu–Sick Week :P

Well…let’s see…one official picture this week. We all took turns having a cold so that messed up a lot of our routine. I took a double-dose of my cure and went on with my life.


This was the sickest of the sick days. Lots of broth and saltines as I recall.


Mrs. Homesteader thawed some homemade chicken noodle soup that we had cooked up and frozen earlier this year. It was a nice gift from our past selves.


The most exciting thing about this meal was the pepper. I mean, the pot pie was good too, but this pepper is the first one we’ve successfully grown in our garden. We’ve tried for the last 3 years without a good pepper so this was particularly satisfying.


Out with friends this night so didn’t have to cook!


I had a late appointment and Mrs. Homesteader wasn’t quite up to cooking (especially with this unseasonable HEAT!). I hit the easy button and picked up some Thai food.

…we really need to stop doing that. Especially since the quality was disappointing this time.

Spicy Tom Ka soup, Chicken Satay, and Pad Thai.

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