This Week’s Homestead Menu–Soup, cantaloupe, and more

Both myself and Mrs. Homesteader love to cook. We eat very well at our house! We’re far from the healthiest family out there, but we do continually aim for either homegrown or at least with ingredients we can read and understand. Local meat is highly preferred!


We were out a friends house and didn’t have to cook. We contributed a green salad with various veggies from our garden. We also brought a cantaloupe from the garden that was devoured quickly

So proud, so noble, so beautiful
I forgot to take a picture of the meal so here is the cantaloupe in the wild!


Mrs. Homesteader cooked up a Chicken Fajita Casserole. We served more cantaloupe from our garden with it


We made a couple of french bread pizzas…not a ton of “wholesome” or “homegrown” here.


We had a cold front here in Michigan so Mrs. Homesteader put together a Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup with some Drop Biscuits. I’ll have to get her to share both recipes sometime because they will feed both  body and soul


We were setting up for a Saturday garage sale so we had to push the easy button…hello takeout Chinese! Probably the least-healthy meal we’ve had in a good while

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