This Week’s Homestead Menu–We Ate A Rooster!


We still had some homemade bread to use from Sunday night’s meal so I cut it up and made a sort of pizza bruschetta bites with some of our homemade tomato sauce and of course more cucumber.



Mrs. Homesteader put together a delicious Spanish tortilla along with a side salad and bread. That red wine is from an extraordinarily fancy $5 bottle from Aldi. As you can tell, we’re doing quite well for ourselves (really I just don’t understand the taste differences in wine so cheap stuff is just fine for me)


Michigan is on a cold streak it seems so hot soup and sandwiches hit the spot. The butternut squash soup was made and frozen in October of last year and is some of our best work! Unfortunately the picture won’t work so you’ll just have to imagine it.



I got home from work pretty late and Mrs. Homesteader had a heck of a time with The Boy and The Girl. We hit the easy button and this happened.

We were so ravenous that I barely remembered to take a picture


I popped in the rooster from Monday into the crock pot for a nice slow cook. We had let the meat “cure” in the fridge for a few days and I’m told that makes quite a difference in making it more tender (rather than trying to cook it within a day of slaughter).

It turned out to look and taste mostly like anything you’d get in a store. Everyone in the family ate it and liked it, which was a big win considering the pickiness of The Girl.

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