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This Week’s Homesteading–Relish, Carrot Soup, and More

This is the prime season for food processing so we have been very busy!

Pickle Relish

I hope that pun didn't make you cringe...
We relish these sorts of homesteading opportunities

Cucumbers have done really well this year to the point where we were scrambling for ideas of how to process them. I gave pickle relish a try and it seems to have turned out well enough


Carrot Soup

Carrots bubbling away

The carrots surprised us this year. This is the first time we had more than a handful of stunted balls of orange. We blanched and froze some slices and made two batches of soup so far. Mrs. Homesteader had a recipe from when she studied abroad in Spain!


Tomato Sauce

These are Roma and Sunburst tomato varieties

We planted around twenty-five different tomato plants this year and had quite a yield. Last year we did several batches of creamy tomato soup, but this year we’ve opted for simple sauce. The orange Sunburst tomatoes give it an incredible sweetness. We also got our hands on a food mill to make it creamier


Meat Chickens

Turns out these baby/toddler fences make good chick housing

The new meat chicks required a lot of hands-on time this week since they’re still small and vulnerable. They stay in the garage under a heat lamp at night while they get to be in the sun pecking at the grass during the day. Soon our chicken tractor will be complete and we can keep them outside as long as it doesn’t get too cold. When they get their feathers, they’ll stay outside 24/7.


We’re hoping to put up the recipes we used for the soups and relish soon. Plenty more to do…stay tuned!