The First Post!


Welcome to the blog! This is totally unique, right? No one has ever thought to launch a blog…

So here we are pioneering the idea.

We’re using this more as a living scrapbook for our adventures in homesteading than anything else. We thought other people might be interested in our successes and failures and that we might even be able to convince a few people to give some of these projects a try.

We’ll be experimenting in gardening, storing food, livestock care, composting, building projects, and anything else that fits in the “homesteading” category.

Briefly, here’s an introduction to your homesteaders:

How many tries do you think this took?
How many tries do you think this took?

Mr. Homesteader is a very serious businessman that never engages in sarcasm or humor of any sort. Smiling and laughing is completely inappropriate.

Posing or candid? The world may never know
This is from the mountains in Puerto Rico

Mrs. Homesteader loves to bake. She’s fluent in Spanish and loves to travel. She’s found enormous satisfaction in motherhood and stays very busy keeping The Homesteader Kids very busy.

Muy bonita! :)
This is picture from our wedding

The Homesteader Kids are incredible bundles of joy for Mr. and Mrs. Homesteader. While you’ll probably only see pictures of them smiling and playing nicely here, rest assured that they are as challenging and messy as your own. The Boy likes to put rocks in his mouth and The Girl likes to scream.

Most of the time they scream at each other
Once in a blue moon they can share nicely

Stick around for projects you can try on your scratch of land.

See you next time!

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